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Flower Essences for Well Being

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

"Health depends on us being in harmony with our souls" Edward Bach .1932

This summer has been a delicious energetic journey into the powerful alchemy of flower essences. I have been looking for something for sometime that is completely safe with no side effects for children, adults and animals to support symptoms, transformations and transitions. A session can be the beginning of a journey and an understanding ; a mentoring and so one needs support and allies along the way.

For feelings of hopelessness gorse, for guilt pine and for low self confidence , larch.

You can weave a symphony of energies to hold at least 8 vibrations to allow you to harmonise your energy to transform deep personality patterns, navigate a crisis or challenge that has appeared or simply deepen a positive aspect of yourself.

"Empowering yourself through understanding your emotions and navigating your internal landscape"

Vibrating with Nature

Everything is vibration and flowers also vibrate at a specific frequency so one can have this vibration in a bottle, which works powerfully yet gently on our electromagnetic energy. I began using them as my six year old daughter was having terrible nightmares every night. We found the correct combination of remedies and her nightmares stopped the night she took them. When she stopped, they came back again.

I look forward to hearing your comments and feedback.

To find your flower essences contact me or crystal herbs direct at the website below:

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